Hi, Friend’s welcome to all my electrowide platforms, in this post I will discuss LED TVs motherboard TP.V56.PB801 Service Code. Service code permitted you to open the service menu access and control advanced settings on your LED TV. Generally LED LCD TV and other monitor Service mode hidden by the manufacturer so that the user may not change the internal advanced setting. you can change advanced settings in your LED LCD TV using the service menu of your device. In this post, I will give you, particularly in this universal board service menu codes. If you want to change any settings on your tv this is the right platform for you.

Basic information of this combo board :

Model no: TP.V56.PB801

Screen type: LED LCD

Resolution: Max 1920×1080

Power consumption: 35 watt

Power source: 90-240 volt~ 50 Hz/60 Hz

Backlight voltage: 28 to 52

USB Port: Available.

Features: Non-smart.

VGA: Available

Panel support: 5 volts and 12-volt panel support

The following issue of this motherboard:

  • blank screen
  • power indicator(RED) continuously glowing
  • Burn mode
  • Mirror mode
  • Remote issue
  • Auto Restart
  • AV/HDMI Input option hide
  • Mapping problem also can change/repair this board entering the service code no


This combo board personalized setting change on your choice is very easy with a circuit remote

Menu 1147

Menu 2580

When you entering the TP.V56.PB801 SERVICE CODE and personalized setting on TV during the periods, unfortunately, can change any setting, and your tv is not returned the normal mode then you upgrade the board’s firmware and re-set the board to your preference. Tap (HERE) to get the board firmware.

Disclaimer: Electrowide is not responsible for any data loss or product damage that occurs during the software installation process or internal service adjusting. We would recommend you don’t try to open this secret service mode if you are new on technical ground.

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