T53L13.5 Resolution Code

T53L13.5 Resolution Code, Service code and operating system full details mention in this post. The motherboard is the current time, the most used LED TV non-smart board on the electronic market. This board is very comfortable to install up to 24″ led tv for any technician person, User-friendly menu option and remote operating system in this boards. Almost chip price and good service qualities attracts any person to install this board for 24″ led tvs service and repair related issues.


Many reasons customers first chose this motherboard but when installing this board sometimes we have a need for the T53L13.5 Resolution Code for matching resolution in-between circuit and panel. Resolution code allows to us matching the resolution in-between led tv panel and motherboard. In this post, I will Provide the T53L13.5 Resolution Code with the full process of the resolution changing HD and Full HD panel.

T53L13.5 Board’s Service Menu Related Fault:

Mirror screen: The mirror problem can solve by opening the service menu. After entering the service menu goes to panel setting and next go to mirror mode on/off. Change the mode of the mirror option to get ready your tv set for viewing.

Mapping problem: The mapping problem also can solve under the service menu option. first, enter the panel setting and then go to the TI map option and change the bit of your TV’s picture standard viewing choice.

Logo setting: Are you can set an on-screen logo on your choice of any led Lcd tv without entering the service menu. First, you have a 1280×720 size photo and the photo may be put pen drive. Pen drive plugin with tv and go to input -USB-gallery-photo-choose your photo and pause after press 2008 and press ok on remote for saving the photo for an on-screen logo.

T53L13.5 Service Code:

Input/Source 208  Menu 1147

Basic information of this combo board :

Model no: T53L13.5

Screen type: LED LCD both panel screens support this board

Resolution: HD and FULL HD

Power source: 12volt DC

USB Port: Compatible for a firmware update with a playback media file.

Features: The board doesn’t have any smart features.

VGA: Use as a monitor to get the signal from CPU and laptop, firmware update and collect through the programmer.

TFT support: 3.3/5 volt and 12 volts both panels can support this universal combo board.

Power consumption: According to the panel backlight maximum of 35-watt current is consumed.


Friends we can change T53L13.5 Resolution Code by entering the resolution code number of these universal PCBs use on the original remote. These boards have only seven resolutions. All resolution code numbers of these PCBs mention below –

Board/DescriptionResolutionCode No
T53L13.5 1920x1080Input/Source 20080
T53L13.5 1680x1050Input/Source 20086
T53L13.5 1600x900Input/Source 20085
T53L13.5 1440x900Input/Source 20084
T53L13.5 1366x768Input/Source 20081
T53L13.5 1280x1024Input/Source 20083
T53L13.5 1024x768Input/Source 20082

VS.TP53U61.2 resolution code:

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