Hello guys today I am giving you the one best way to download the software of all LED LCD TV.Today I will give you the most popular LED TV UNIVERSAL mother board number SKR.O3 Software Free Download link for free with one click. You can download this mother board software easily from bellow link. If you are looking to get and download the software of this mother board this is the right platform for you.

                                 SKR.03 PCB


Here I will share all the LED LCD TV software and firmware and flash file for free of cost on this site. If you need any other software of LED LCD TV just type TV model number on the search box, which at the top right corner of this site.

If did not get your particular TV models software on search box then requesting you to comment in bellow comment box for getting software of other model of LED LCD TV.

At your one request I will upload your LED LCD TV models software as soon as possible. So please stay continue with this site.

In previous upload post , I have already discuss with you how can download and install LED LCD TV software.

For easily downloading of software I again mention bellow of this SKR.03 mother board software downloading process.

Basic information of this SKR.03 UNIVERSAL board :

Model no : SKR.03

Main chip : 8501

Screen type :LED

Resolution : Max 1920×1080

Power consumption: 15W

Power source: 12 volt dc

USB Port: Available.

HDMI : Available.

PC : Available.

Features : Non smart.

VGA : Available

Language : Hindi, English, French, Germany, Italian, Russian, Chinese Myanmar

Panel support :3volt 5 volt and 12 volt

Service menu code : Menu1147

Software Download Process :

  •  At first thing you must check your led tv panel resolution
  •  When get your LED LCD TV panel resolution in the below LED LCD software download option you will see a   highlighted ”Click here”.
  •  Now you have to click on that and your software will downloading start


  •  At first downloaded file extract and ( SKR_100) bin file copy to the usb drive.
  •  Plug the pen drive into TV (Make sure the power plug is unplugged).
  • Connected  power plug on main AC board, until you see by the indicator lights on the keypad after flashing     in red and green,
  • until after the indicator light flashing, unplug the power, then pull out USB Flash disk,  power on again.

Panel LTM190M2_1440_900 Part 1 Software Download : Click Here

Panel LTM190M2_1440_900 Part 2 Software Download : Click Here

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