TP.MS3663.PB819 Software Free Download (All Resolutions)

Universal combo boards are fully tested on this model TP.MS3663.PB819 Software Free Download Link. If you want to get upgrade software for the TP.MS3663.PB819 Combo board, this is the place to go. This firmware can be download from this platform. If you are looking to get and download the software of this motherboard this is the right platform for you.

TP.MS3663.PB819 Software Free Download

On this platform, I will share all the LED LCD TV software and firmware, and flash files for free of cost. If you want to get any LED TV software on this platform just type the TV model number on the search box, which is at the top right corner of this site.

If did not get your particular TV model software on the search box then requesting you to comment in the below comment box for getting the software of other models of LED LCD TV.

At your one request, I will upload your LED LCD TV model software as soon as possible.

For easily downloading software I again mention below this motherboard software downloading process.

The following issue of this TP.MS3663.PB819:

  • blank screen
  • power indicator(RED) continuously glowing
  • Burn mode
  • Mirror
  • Remote issue
  • Auto Restart
  • AV/HDMI Input option hide
  • Mapping problem
  • Power indicator no any response
Specification Of This TP.MS3663.PB819 Board

Brand: Universal

Model number: TP.MS3663.PB819

Wi-Fi: Not available

Screen Type: LED

Display Size: 32inch

Resolution: 1366×768, 1920X1080

Speaker output: 10 watt

Features Format: Non-Smart

Power Requirement: AC100 to 240 volts ~50Hz/60Hz

Power consumption: 35 watt

VGA: Available

HDMI Port: 1 slot available

USB Port: Available

Service menu: Menu1147

How to update the Software of TP.MS3663.PB819

Friend’s, if you want to update the TP.MS3663.PB819 board Software then is not difficult, you just need to follow some steps carefully to update or install the software easily on your Intex led tv board. please follow these steps to update the software successfully on your tv.

  1. Download The Software File and Extract it.
  2. From The Folder Copy/Cut The extracted file to the pen drive.
  3. Insert The Pen drive into tv (Make Sure The Power Plug is Unplug).
  4. After the plugin, the pen drive switches on your main ac plug.
  5. Now software upgrading starts.
  6. After finishing the software upgrading process. some setting options are displayed on the screen then you custom the setting on your choice.
TP.MS3663.PB819 Software Free Download
Board/DescriptionDownload Link
TP.MS3663.PB819 1366X768 CRISTOR 32LH310-USBDownload
TP.MS3663.PB819 CRISTOR 32LH330 FirmwareDownload
TP.MS3663.PB819 1366X768 Backup DumpDownload
TP.MS3663.PB819 32COKBADZ Backup DumpDownload
TP.MS3663.PB819 CONDOR L32P4100 Backup DumpDownload
TP.MS3663.PB819 KROHLER TK32DL01 Backup DumpDownload
TP.MS3663.PB819 TELESTAR TSLD 32 TD CJ19 BackupDownload


Disclaimer: Following given software link is USB and also programmer upgradeable. Electrowide is not responsible for any type of damage and loss as a result of the upgrade and installing the software on your device.


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