Hello, and welcome to electrowide. In this article, I will provide you with a free download link for TP.V56.PB801 SOFTWARE. TP.V56.PB801 software is the place to go if you need to get off this led tv motherboard. You can conveniently download it from here whenever you need it. On this blog, I will try to share all of the LED LCD TV firmware, and flash files for free.

TP.V56.PB801 Software Download

TP.V56.PB801 software download

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I’ve already shown you how to download and upgrade software for LED LCD TVs.

To make it easier to download this motherboard app, I’ve included a step-by-step guide below.

The following issue of this board

  • No image on the screen
  • power indicator(RED) continuously glowing
  • Burn mode
  • Mirror issue
  • No response by Remote
  • Auto Restart
  • All input option hide
  • Mapping problem

Basic information of this board

Model number: TP.V56.PB801

Wi-Fi: Not available

Screen Type: LED

Display Size:24,32inch

Features Format: Standard

Resolution: HD Ready 1366X768  FHD 1920X1080

Aspect Ratio: This board has an aspect ratio function for viewing different picture formats in various modes.

Speaker output: 20watt

Number of Speakers: 2

Features Format: Non-Smart

Power Requirement: AC110 to 240 volts ~50Hz/60Hz

Power consumption: Max 65watt

VGA: Available

HDMI Port: 2 slots available

USB Port: 2 slots Available

How to Install Software

  1. Download The Software by clicking (click here) File and Extract it.
  2. Copy/Cut The extracted file from the folder to the pen drive.
  3. Plug The Pen drive into the USB slot (Make Sure The Power Plug is Unplug).
  4. After the pen-drive plugin switches on your main ac plug.
  5. Now software upgrading starts.
  6. After finishing the software upgrading process. some setting options are displayed on the screen then you custom the setting on your choice.

TP.V56.PB801 software download link

S.NoResolutionDownload Lnk
1TP.V56.PB801 GENERAL 1366X768 USBClick Here
2TP.V56.PB801 GENERAL 1920x1080 USBClick Here
3TP.V56.PB801 GENERAL 1366X768 USBClick Here
4TP.V56.PB801 GENERAL 1920x1080 USBClick Here
5TP.V56.PB801 SAMSUNG 1920x1080 USBClick Here
6TP.V56.PB801 SONY 1920x1080 USBClick Here
7TP.V56.PB801 SONY 1366x768 USBClick Here
8TP.V56.PB801 1366x768 DUMPClick Here
9TP.V56.PB801 1920x1080 DUMPClick Here
10TP.V56.PB801 CEMEX 1366768Click Here
11TP.V56.PB801 CLARION 1366x768Click Here

Disclaimer: Are you new in this field, then we strongly recommend that you don’t try to upgrade, due to during the software upgrading periods any kind of data loss or product damage, the electrowide doesn’t responsible for that.

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